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Table 2 Description of interactive stations of the student healthy nutrition and exercise circuit

From: Berlin evaluates school tobacco prevention - BEST prevention: study design and methodology

Interactive station Content Activity
1. Healthy shopping • Development of skills for healthy shopping (balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein) Students have to choose food out of 90 products which they believe are healthy. They get points for a well-balanced selection of healthy foods.
2. Flavor bar • Food flavors Students taste 7 water solved flavors and have to allocate them to food products, eg.: Strawberry – strawberry ice-cream; mint – cough drops)
3. Nutrition pyramid • Nutritional recommendations Students get 14 cubes with pictures of food items and have to build the nutrition pyramid.
4. Exercise • Exercise and energy expenditure Students cycle on a bicycle ergometer in order to burn as many calories as possible.
The moderator explains the amount and kind of food that corresponds to burned calories.
5. Knowledge • Knowledge on nutrition and exercise Students complete a quiz about healthy nutrition and health promoting exercise.