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Table 2 Summary of results: emerging sub-themes and themes by participant category

From: ‘Change means sacrificing a good life’: perceptions about severity of type 2 diabetes and preventive lifestyles among people afflicted or at high risk of type 2 diabetes in Iganga Uganda

Questions Category of participants Results
Emerging sub-theme Emerging theme Over-arching theme
• Perceptions about severity of type 2 diabetes With suspected type 2 diabetes • Too much weight is sickness To persons with suspected diabetes obesity and eating ‘high risk foods’ signifies sickness; to those without diabetes obesity and ‘high risk foods’ signify is a good life Lifestyle changes while possible involve sacrificing a good life i.e. there is an ‘opportunity cost’ to lifestyle change
• The ideal body weight is ‘medium’ – not too big and not too small
• Perceptions about obesity
• Perceptions about healthy diet
• Perceptions about physical activity
• Perceptions about monitoring their health With suspected pre-diabetes • Weight loss means sickness
• Obesity and ‘eating high risk foods’ signifies a success and a good quality of life
• Changing our diet means sacrificing a ‘good life’ and diet change should be gradual
Obese but normo-glycaemic
All groups regardless of glycaemic status • Diabetes is very severe disease because it disables and is incurable Diabetes is a very severe disease
• Diabetes is a very severe disease because of its complications/consequences
• Diabetes is a very severe disease because it weakens a man’s manhood
• Physical activity can be adjusted within what we already do but it should be gradual We are able to adjust physical activity, but in ways familiar to us
• Some forms of physical activity are not feasible in our context  
• It is possible to adjust our diet We can adjust to healthier diets but we are limited by important barriers
• There are many barriers to a healthy diet
• It is possible to weigh ourselves regularly We can seek our health status periodically but we are sceptical about availability of services
• There are many barriers to facility health check-ups