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Table 1 Criteria for study inclusion

From: Strategies to promote uptake and use of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment knowledge: an integrative review

Criteria Included Excluded
Sample/KT ‘recipients’ • Health care professionals (e.g., physicians, nurses, etc.) • General public
• IPV/CM victims and perpetrators
• Trainees (e.g., medical students, undergraduates)
• NGOs/community organizations (e.g., IPV/CM-related service providers)
• Decision/policymakers
• Other (e.g., teachers, law enforcement)
Focus/Intervention • KT is focused on IPV and/or CM • Therapy training
• KT must be planned/strategic • Parenting skills training
Outcomes • Knowledge/attitudes (including awareness, beliefs, self-efficacy, etc.) None
• Behavioural outcomes (intention to use or actual use of knowledge)
• Clinical outcomes
• Process outcomes
Study design All None
Language English All other languages
Publication type Peer-reviewed, scholarly literature Grey literature, sources unavailable in full-text
(Table adapted from Stacey et al., [71])