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Table 1 Sample text messages derived from individual data

From: Efficacy of a web- and text messaging-based intervention to reduce problem drinking in young people: study protocol of a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Risk group Content category Considered individual data Resulting text message
Low-risk Motivation for drinking within low-risk limits Indicated “Yes” for the item: “If I drink within low-risk limits, other people will respect me”. Hi Lisa. Great! You are not just a follower who drinks alcohol to fit in. That’s a smart decision. It shows strength of character and can even impress others.
Medium-risk Strategies to resist alcohol in different drinking situations Individually chosen if-then plan to resist alcohol in the tempting drinking situation “party”: “When I am at a party, I have soft drinks every now and then”. Hey Luca. Congratulations! It’s a good decision to have soft drinks every now and then, when you are at a party! Non-alcoholic drinks provide your body with important minerals and are a thirst-quenching alternative.
High-risk Local outpatient services for alcohol counselling Place of assessment: Zurich Hi Robin. Are you concerned about your own alcohol intake or that of a friend? Talking to someone about it can be really helpful. The website can offer you support. Write an e-mail to or call 044 444 77.