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Table 1 High-intensity functional training workouts for week 4

From: High-intensity compared to moderate-intensity training for exercise initiation, enjoyment, adherence, and intentions: an intervention study

Day Monday Wednesday Friday
Workout 2 rounds for time of 3 rounds for max reps of 10 rounds for time of
-7 muscle-ups -1 minute right-arm -8 burpees
-30 mountain climbers dumbbell power snatch -30 bleacher step runs
-3 overhead squats -30 seconds rest  
-6 front squats -12 minutes front squats  
-9 back squats -30 seconds rest  
-30 mountain climbers -1 minute left-arm  
-12 handstand pushups dumbbell power snatch  
  -30 seconds rest  
Range for time or reps 9:42–18:36 65-174 reps 16:32–23:16
Modifications -muscle-up transitions with knees on floor -dumbbell weight (3.6-6.8 kg) -stepping back (versus jumping) for burpees
-barbell weight (3.6-29.5 kg) -barbell weight (6.8-43.1 kg) -knee pushups for burpees
  -pike pushups using elastic band or feet on box for assistance   -repetitions (6 burpees and 15 bleacher steps)