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Table 4 Adherence to Norwegian food guidelines or NNR (measured by the HEI) and postpartum weight retention

From: Adherence of pregnant women to Nordic dietary guidelines in relation to postpartum weight retention: results from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study

  β-coefficient1 SE pvalue Adjusted R2of the model
Postpartum weight retention 2     
HEI-NFG per standard deviation -0.058 0.024 0.017 0.058
HEI-NNR per standard deviation 0.014 0.024 0.570 0.058
Postpartum weight retention 2 , additionally adjusted for gestational weight gain (GWG)
HEI-NFG per standard deviation -0.034 0.020 0.094 0.314
HEI-NNR per standard deviation -0.074 0.020 0.0003 0.315
GWG as intermediate outcome 3  
HEI-NFG per standard deviation -0.062 0.029 0.033 0.115
HEI-NNR per standard deviation 0.196 0.029 < 0.0001 0.116
  1. Abbreviations: HEI Healthy Eating Index, NFG Norwegian Food Guidelines, NNR Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, SE Standard Error.
  2. 1Units = kg per HEI-score standard deviation ( = 7.31 for HEI-NFG, 2.54 for HEI-NNR).
  3. 2Linear regression model, adjusted for maternal age, maternal education, household income, marital status, pre-pregnancy BMI, parity, weight of the child at birth, breastfeeding duration up to 6 months postpartum, total energy intake (kcal), exercise during pregnancy (week 15), smoking during pregnancy, alcohol intake during pregnancy (week 22).
  4. 3Analogous model but without adjustment for breastfeeding duration.