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Table 1 Overview of Norwegian food guidelines and Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 1

From: Adherence of pregnant women to Nordic dietary guidelines in relation to postpartum weight retention: results from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study

Norwegian Food Guidelines (NFG) [21]1
Food group Recommended intake
Fresh fruits [22] Min. 300 g/day
Vegetables [22] Min. 300-450 g/day
Whole-grain Min. 75 g/day per 10 MJ (2400 kcal) = ca. 70 g/day for women
Fish 300-450 g/week
Fatty fish Min. 200 (to max. 450) g/week
Red meat Max. 500 g/week
Processed meat Limit consumption
Salt Max. 6 g salt/day ( = 2.4 g sodium/day)
Added sugar Max. 10% of total energy intake
Nordic Nutrition Recommendation (NNR) [23, 24]2
Macronutrient Recommended intake
Total fat 25-35 E%
Saturated + trans fat Not more than 10 E%
Monounsaturated fat 10-20 E%
Polyunsaturated fat 5-10 E%
Fibre At least 25-35 g/day
Added Sugar Not more than 10 E%
Total protein 10-20 E%
  1. E%: percentage of total energy intake.
  2. 1Nordic Nutrition Recommendations are relevant for all Nordic countries whereas the food-based recommendations just refers to Norway.
  3. 25th edition of NNR [24] was considered to include some updates (printed in italics).