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Figure 2

From: Adherence of pregnant women to Nordic dietary guidelines in relation to postpartum weight retention: results from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study

Figure 2

Adherence to Norwegian food guidelines or NNR and risk of substantial postpartum weight retention. Abbreviations: CI Confidence Interval, HEI Healthy Eating Index, LCL Lower Confidence Limit, NFG Norwegian Food Guidelines, NNR Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, OR Odds ratio, UCL Upper Confidence Limit. Substantial postpartum weight retention is defined as having gained at least 5% to the pre-pregnancy weight. Odds ratios of having substantial postpartum weight retention are modelled per standard deviation-increment of each HEI score. Logistic regression model 1: adjusted for maternal age, maternal education, household income, marital status, pre-pregnancy BMI, parity, weight of the child at birth, breastfeeding duration up to 6 months postpartum, total energy intake, exercise, smoking, and alcohol intake during pregnancy. Logistic regression model 2: additionally adjusted for gestational weight gain.

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