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Table 1 Intervention elements included in a brief motivational counseling (BMC) dose delivered in the primary care setting

From: Steps to Growing Up Healthy: a pediatric primary care based obesity prevention program for young children

Step Intervention activity Approximate time
Step 1 Mother completes Steps to Growing Up Healthy Survey in the waiting room providing information on child’s eating, activity, and health habits 5 minutes
Step 2 Clinician/nurse reviews Steps Survey with mother, affirms areas of positive health behaviors 1 minute
Step 3 Clinician/nurse focuses mother’s attention on 4 key behavioral targets, assesses interest and confidence in addressing areas where mother reports obesogenic behaviors 1 minute
Step 4 Clinician/nurse and mother agree upon behavior the mother is ready and able to change 30 seconds
Step 5 Behavioral goal is document using a written contract signed by clinician/nurse and mother 30 seconds
Step 6 Clinician/nurse provides mother with an educational handout specific to the selected goal 30 seconds
Step 7 Clinician/nurse provides monthly self-monitoring calendar for mother to track goal progress 30 seconds