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Table 1 Overview over measurements across the three questionnaires

From: Enhancing life prospects of socially vulnerable youth through sport participation: a mixed methods study

Concept Indicator Questionnaire T0T1T2 Instrument
Personal characteristics Sex, age, ethnic background, education, employment X    
Life prospects Subjective health X X X 2 items from SF-36
  Problem behaviour X X X SDQ
  School or employment status X X X  
  Functioning at school or work X X X  
Self-regulation skills Planning X X X Planning subscale SRL-SRS
  Self-monitoring X X X Self-monitoring subscale SRL-SRS
  Effort X X X Effort subscale SRL-SRS
  Reflection X X X Reflection subscale SRL-SRS
Sense of coherence Sense of coherence X X X Orientation to Life Questionnaire (SOC-13)
Sport participation Frequency and duration X X X RSO
  Type of sport X X X RSO
  Membership sport/fitness club X X X RSO
  Sport as part of treatment plan X   
Sport climate Motivational sport climate X X MCSYS
  1. Note. SDQ: Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire; SRL-SRS: Self-Regulation of Learning Self-Report Scale; RSO: Richtlijn Sportdeelname Onderzoek; MCSYS: Motivational Climate Scale for Youth Sports.