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Table 1 Outcome measures from the health check and questionnaire for selecting optimal individually tailored training programs within 5 different training modes

From: A conceptual model for worksite intelligent physical exercise training - IPET - intervention for decreasing life style health risk indicators among employees: a randomized controlled trial

Health measures Cardio Strength Function
  Moderate to high intensity Neck and shoulders Large muscle groups Core stability Balance
Symptoms neck/shoulder   X    
Symptoms lower back     X  
  Strength test      
Strength neck/shoulder   X    
Strength back/abdominal    X   
  Chiropractor check      
Core stability     X  
Neck/shoulder stability   X    
  Physiological health check      
Aerobic fitness test X     
Body mass index (BMI) X     
Body fat% X     
Blood pressure X     
Blood fat (LDL + HDL) X     
Blood glucose X     
Balance test      X