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Table 1 Interview guide

From: How to engage type-2 diabetic patients in their own health management: implications for clinical practice

Area Question
Living with diabetes 1. Let’s introduce your disease as if it was a human being, let’s describe how it appears, how it behaves and what it says….; let’s tell us the story of your illness: please feel free of deciding what to say and how to say it…but please imagine to tell a story to a child…elements can be real or fantasy based as far as they represent your experience;
The main turning points of the disease course 2. What are, if existed, the main events that features your illness journey?
Perceived positive and negative aspects to cope with diabetes 3. Overall, how well do you feel and think you are able to manage your diabetes?
4. What were your difficulties with having diabetes over the past year?
Self-management practice 5. How do you manage your illness?
6. What do you do to manage your symptoms?
7. Describe your overall experience living with and managing diabetes”.
Patients’ unmet care needs 8. What kinds of support and resources would be most helpful to you in managing your diabetes?
9. How would you improve the health services devoted to diabetes care?