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Table 2 Procedure and questions used for the focus groups

From: Barriers for recess physical activity: a gender specific qualitative focus group exploration

Phase Activity Setting Duration
1. Open focus group discussion Firstly, informal conversation and ice-breaking activities were used to create a relaxing environment. Then a discussion was conducted to identify barriers that influence children’s recess play. Questions used were: Classroom/meeting room at the school 30 minutes
• What are your experiences around recess?
• What do you do during recess?
• Who are you playing with?
• Who initiates play?
• Is there something you want to do in recess that you cannot or may not do? What was this?
• What do you think about your schoolyard?
• Can you explain what physical activity is?
• Do you like being physically active? Why/why not?
• What influences your physical activity during recess?
2. Go-along interview The children pointed out where they usually played during recess, the activity they played and who they played with. A Google Earth aeria photograph of the schoolyard was used as a tool (by the moderator), to indicate where different activities took place. Shared indoor and outdoor areas at the school 20 minutes
3. Post-it note activity An open brainstorm to identify significant barriers to engaging in physical activity during recess. The groups were told to write down all the barriers that they could think of on post-it notes. Classroom/meeting room. Gender separated groups 10 minutes