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Table 2 Effects of different interventions on inequalities

From: What interventions are effective on reducing inequalities in maternal and child health in low- and middle-income settings? A systematic review

  Expanding immunization coverage Nutrition supplements Interventions to improve health care provision Demand side interventions Mixed interventions
Measles immunization rate Education↓(++);   Socioeconomic status ↓(+)   
Living area ↓(++);
Ethnicity ? (-);
Income ? (+);
Distance to health facilities↓(+)
Under-five children mortality rate Living area ↓ (+); Gender↓ Socioeconomic status↓(-);   Gender↓(-)
Socioeconomic status↓ (++) (++);
Gender ? (+); (++);
Education ? (+) Asset ? (++)
Places of residence↓(+);
Education↓ (+);
Ethnicity ? (+)
Infant mortality rate   Gender↑(++); Socioeconomic status ↓(+,-); Socioeconomic status↓(++) Gender↓(-)
Economic condition ? (++)
Education ? (++)
Antenatal care visit    Wealth↓(++) Places of residence↓(+) Income↓(++)
Skilled births attendance    Wealth↓(++, -)   Income ? (++)
Socioeconomic status↓(+)
Contraceptive use    Wealth↓(+)   
  1. ↓Inequity was reduced, ↑Inequity was increased, ? No increase or decrease.
  2. ++Strong methodology quality; + Moderate methodology quality; - Week methodology quality.