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Table 3 Community stressors and endpoints

From: An argument against the focus on Community Resilience in Public Health

Of what (type of community) E.g. To what? Acute A) or Chronic C) Stressors Type of end Endpoint
Purpose e.g. political association A) Database loss As-you-were1 (To campaign for) political goals
C) Ageing membership, loss of leader, internal argument
Culture e.g. religion, ethnicity A) Violent assault on religious Centre As-you-were Maintenance of religion, language and so on
C) Young people exposed to dominant antithetical culture
Location e.g. neighbourhood A) Earthquake As-you-were Previous state of lifestyle for community members
  C) Poverty, unemployment ? ?
  1. 1There is room to dispute whether the endpoint of a political association is as-you-were (the activity of promoting political ends) or as-you-should-be (the state of achieving those ends). We have taken it to be the former as the political association would lose its purpose and, presumably, dissolve if its ends were achieved.