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Table 1 SDT components of HeLP-her Rural

From: Effectiveness and implementation of an obesity prevention intervention: the HeLP-her Rural cluster randomised controlled trial

SDT components Content activities
Competence Describe the pattern of weight gain in women
  Explore value and benefits of changing behaviour
  Introduce general health messages based on physical activity and healthy eating behaviours
  Identify personal barriers and enablers to behaviour change.
  Learn behavioural skills such as goal setting, problem solving, relapse prevention, self-monitoring
Autonomy Explore beliefs and value of changing personal behaviours, identify personal priorities
  Explore small achievable steps and realistic expectations
  Explore choices and identify personal priorities, goals and action plans
  Explore where to seek further information and support
  Learn how to monitor and review progress
  Explore ambivalence and barriers
Issues relating to people, environment and context Support links within the community
  Engage support from friends and family