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Table 3 Overview program plan

From: Test implementation of a school-oriented drug prevention program “Study without Drugs”: pre- and post-testing for effectiveness

Act nr Activity Aim Means/material
1 Conduct pre-test regarding drugs (duration 30 minutes) Measuring knowledge and attitude with regard to drugs Questionnaire
2 Interpersonal information activities Ask attention for the drugs issue and offer information/knowledge with regard to drugs prevention program Folder, power-point presentation drugs in kind
Duration: 2 hours
3 Subject Biology - Categorize mentioned drinks Developed lesson plan, drugs info book, pictures
Consequences of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and cocaine - State consequences and have discussion
Duration:40 minutes
4 Subject Physical Education - Educational conversation about ethics and mentioning 4 consequences of drugs use in sports Developed lesson plan, pictures, for instance of steroids (in kind)
Sports and drugs (steroids) - Measures to protect against drugs use
Duration: 40 inutes
5 Subject Dutch - Put events in the right order and discuss them Developed lesson plan, pictures, blackboard, and chalk
Discussion about the consequences of swallowing cocaine pellets - Indicate consequences of swallowing pellets
Duration: 80 minutes
6 Subject Social Studies - Put events in the right order  
(Broadcast of play with anti drugs message) - Arrive at a clear view on drugs and youngsters
Duration: 60 minutes - Indicate causes and consequences that lead to drugs use among (school going) youngsters
- Think up protective measures
7 Subject Dutch - Write and present slogan Developed lesson plan, drugs info book, pictures of, for instance, slogans, blackboard, and chalk
Write an anti drugs slogan  
Duration: 40 minutes
8 Subject Drawing - Design poster Developed lesson plan, folders, poster, drawing material, chalk, drugs info book
  Posters with anti drugs message   
  Duration: 40 minutes