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Table 4 Results of validation of impact variables on society

From: Validation of public health competencies and impact variables for low- and middle-income countries

  Experts Alumni
Impact variables on society (as sent to alumni) Median Median
1. Contributed to changes in policy or strategy in general 4 5
2. Contributed to changed guidelines, regulations, ordinances beyond the workplace 4 4
3. Contributed to influencing communities, organisations, health sector and other sectors than health 4 4
4. Contributed to equity/pro-poor orientation towards health access at all levels 4 4
5. Contributed to changes in resource allocation for interventions, and research, orientated towards equity and addressing the determinants of health 4 4
6. Contributed to equitable access to quality services 4 4,5
7. Contributed to improved Public Health in specific areas related to work context, e.g. improved utilization of services 4 4
8. Contributed to increased resource mobilization for Public Health 4 4
9. Contributed to increased resource mobilization for disadvantaged groups 4 4
10. Influenced better understanding of Public Health measures amongst general population (added) 0 5
  1. *Bold type indicates that the variable was changed after feedback from experts and discussion by the research group.