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Table 2 Results of validation of competencies

From: Validation of public health competencies and impact variables for low- and middle-income countries

Competencies\validation Experts Alumni
Cluster of competencies Detailed competencies (as sent to alumni) Median Median
Public Health science skills including analytical assessment competencies 1. Applies the basic Public Health sciences (including but not limited to biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health services, health services administration and social and behavioral health sciences) to Public Health policies and programs 5 5
2. Appraises scope, function and role of Public Health in relation to local context, health system and other social sectors 4 4
3. Assesses population health status and identifies population health problems, risk factors, related Social Determinants, and determines needs 5 5
4. Commissions and critically interprets research findings and/or develops protocol and collects, analyses and synthesizes reliable and valid data using qualitative and quantitative methods 5 4,75
Policy development competencies 5. Analyzes and evaluates policy options and determines feasibility for Public Health policies/programs in diverse community contexts, using appraisal of evidence 4 5
6. Participates in developing context sensitive policies and strategic plans and translates them into action 4 4
7. Understands and contributes to developing and using mechanisms to monitor and evaluate Public Health policies and regulations 4 4
8. Contributes to advocacy of new and existing health policies to the public health and other sectors 4 4
Communication competencies 9. Communicates concisely in writing and orally, in person and through electronic means with linguistic and cultural proficiency and appropriateness 5 5
10. Facilitates and integrates input to Public Health policy and programs from a wide range of individual and organizational stakeholders 4 4
11. Uses a variety of culturally appropriate approaches to disseminate Public Health information with consideration to ethical and confidential issues 5 5
Context sensitive competencies 12. Analyzes the role of gender, cultural, social, economic, political and behavioral factors in the accessibility, availability, acceptability and delivery of Public Health services and programs 4 5
13. Incorporates a Social Determinants of Health approach to Public Health needs 4 5
Community and inter-sectoral competencies 14. Assesses and engages community actors and communities and their linkages and relationships that affect health in diverse social and cultural situations 4 4
15. Collaborates in community-based participatory efforts 5 4
16. Develops and maintains partnerships with key stakeholders, including from different sectors 4 4
Planning and management competencies 17. Uses evidence and good practice to address Public Health policy, planning and management issues 5 5
18. Plans, implements, monitors and evaluates Public Health interventions, programs, resources, services including input, process, outcome and impact 5 5
19. Prepares and contributes to manage and evaluate Public Health information systems, human, financial and logistic resources 4 4
Leadership and systems thinking competencies 20. Demonstrates leadership as a manager and in team efforts, and is able to lead in Public Health emergencies 5 5
21. Demonstrates professional judgment and ethical standards in data handling and addressing Public Health issues and diverse opinions 5 5
22. Leads with applying the understanding of the interconnectedness and dynamic interactions of the Public Health system 5 4,5
23. Continues life-long learning and professional development, and stimulates team to do so 5 4
  1. *Bold type indicates that the competency was changed after feedback from experts and discussion by the research group.