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Table 1 Example of an intervention planning matrix for learners

From: Promoting sexual and reproductive health among adolescents in southern and eastern Africa (PREPARE): project design and conceptual framework

Behavior to promote Performance objectives Pros (perceived benefits) Cons (perceived barriers) Perceived social norms Self-efficacy Action plans
Delay of sexual debut PO1: Learners will say no to sexual intercourse when they do not want it 1: It will increase the likelihood of realizing my life goals 1: I want to have sex 1: Religious influences – largely discouraging early sexual debut Difficult to remain abstinent when …
- I am deeply in love
- I am sexually excited
- I am in a committed relationship
- I am using drugs or alcohol
- My partner is a lot older than me
1. I will remind myself of my life goals when I get sexually excited
PO2: Learners will practice alternative ways to express love and sexuality 2: It will be more special and I will feel good about wanting to have sex until I am in a committed relationship 2: I want to feel like an adult 2: Peer group influences – could go in either direction, but would often encourage early sexual debut 2. I will use other means than intercourse to show my affection (kissing, petting, holding hands etc.)
PO3: Learners will develop interpersonal communication skills to discuss sexuality 3: I won’t have to worry about getting pregnant or getting an STI/HIV 3: I need the money/gifts that I get from having sex, or my parents need them 3: Parental monitoring and control – would most often discourage early sexual debut 3. I will communicate to my boy/girlfriend that it is a good idea to wait to have sex
PO4: Learners will avoid potential risk situations in which they might end up having sex or being forced to have sex   4: My boy/girlfriend will dump me if I don’t have sex 4: Gender-specific norms – more important for boys than for girls to be able to brag about early sexual debut 4. I will identify and try to avoid situations which make it difficult to refuse sex
  PO5: Learners will avoid alcohol and drug use   5: I want to prove my love to my boy/girlfriend   5. I will avoid using drugs or alcohol which make it difficult to refuse sex