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Table 8 Summary of cost categories and data sources and measures

From: Preventing substance misuse: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the Strengthening Families Programme 10–14 UK (SFP 10–14 UK)

Cost category Data source/measure
SFP implementation costs  
Staff (including any recruitment/training costs) Financial monitoring forms + PSSRU (2012)
Venue and equipment Financial monitoring forms
Programme materials Financial monitoring forms
Venue hire Financial monitoring forms
Transport (for participants) Financial monitoring forms
Refreshments Financial monitoring forms
Childcare costs Financial monitoring forms
Costs of any trips/pamper days arranged for families at the end of the programme Financial monitoring forms
Participant service resource utilisation (Unit costs)  
GP surgery visit (Per patient contact lasting 11.7 minutes) PSSRU (2012)
GP telephone consultation (Per telephone consultation lasting 7.1 minutes) PSSRU (2012)
GP home visit (Per out of surgery visit lasting 23.4 minutes) PSSRU (2012)
Community nurse - Home Visit (District nursing sister, District nurse) PSSRU (2012)
Outpatient attendance NHS reference Costs 2012
Inpatient attendance NHS reference Costs 2012
Substance misuse services Various + PSSRU (2012)
Mental health services Various + PSSRU (2012)