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Table 5 Measures collected at 24 month follow-up from young people

From: Preventing substance misuse: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the Strengthening Families Programme 10–14 UK (SFP 10–14 UK)

Domain/question topic Purpose Measure/source
Behaviour - strengths and difficulties
Strengths and difficulties/wellbeing and stress TO SDQ [66]
Life at home
Family activities (opportunities for involvement in pro-social activities; possibly bonding) ST From HBSC/PEACH study
Young people’s own time   From west of Scotland Twenty 07
Parenting/child management IO/ General child management measure, project family [71, 72, 77]
Parents and school   Three questions; one adapted from the child rearing practices measure
Help around the home IO Adapted versions of questions asked to parents at 9/15 months.
Development of self-efficacy ST/ TO Bandura’s self efficacy scale [83]
Attachment to parents ST The security scale [84]
Befriending pro-social/anti-social peers ST Social development model scale on friends’ anti-social qualities (Interaction with antisocial peers scale) [85]
Positive bonding to school ST School bonding measure/SDM [86]
Participant substance use
Smoking behaviour – ever smoked?   Question from substance initiation index [29]
Smoking status TO/ SO ASSIST study version of NatCen/NFER question [64]
Age first smoked TO From HBSC questionnaire
Ever drunk a drink?   NatCen/NFER [65]
Age of first drink SO Adapted from HBSC/NatCen/NFER
Drinking frequency, last month (including different types) SO Adapted questions from HBSC questionnaire
Ever really drunk?   From HBSC questionnaire
Age first drunk   Adapted version of question in HBSC questionnaire
Number of times drunk, drinking alcohol or 5+ drinks in a row in last month PO/SO Adapted from HBSC questionnaire
Alcohol-related problems SO Q21 from ESPAD survey [87]
Drug use – ever used?   Amended from HBSC/NatCen/NFER [65]
Cannabis use (ever, 12 months, or 30 days) SO From HBSC questionnaire
Age of first drug use TO Adapted from HBSC questionnaire
General health
Health state today HE/TO EQ-5D (child version) [73]
General health HE/TO UK Kidscreen 10 [74]