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Table 3 Measures collected at baseline from parents/carers

From: Preventing substance misuse: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the Strengthening Families Programme 10–14 UK (SFP 10–14 UK)

Domain/question topic Purpose Source
Personal information
Place of birth, relationship status, ethnicity, qualifications, DE Adapted from general household survey [61]
Employment DE NS-SEC
Co-habitants DE Adapted from GHS [61]
Substance use
Smoke (Y/N) CV  
Cigarettes smoked per day CV Heaviness of smoking index [75]
Frequency of drinking CV Adapted from AUDIT-C [76]
Number of drinks consumed when drinking CV Adapted from AUDIT-C [76]
Frequency of drinking 6+ drinks in a row CV Adapted from AUDIT-C [76]
Ever used drugs CV Adapted from HBSC/NatCen/NFER [65]
Child’s substance use
Has child ever smoked? CV Question adapted from substance initiation index [29]
Does child smoke now? CV Adapted from NatCen/NFER [65]
Has child ever had a drink? CV Adapted from NatCen/NFER [65]
Has child ever been drunk? CV Developed by project SFP Cymru research team
Has child ever used drugs? CV Adapted from HBSC/NatCen/NFER [65]
Strengths and difficulties
Strengths and difficulties CV SDQ [66]
Section 6
Free time – use of TV, computer, etc. CV From HBSC questionnaire
Family activities CV From HBSC/11-16 West of Scotland adult questionnaire
Family functioning CV Family relationship index [69, 70]
Parenting/child management CV General child management measure, project family [71, 72, 77]
Parent–child bonding CV Adapted from Spoth’s rural urban cumulative risk index and Arthur, et al. [78, 79]
Parents and school CV Questions developed by project team and one from Conger’s child rearing practices measure
Measures of health status
Health status HE GHQ-12 [80, 81]
Health HE 1 item from SF-36 [82]
Health state today HE EQ-5D [73]