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Table 2 Measures collected at baseline from young people

From: Preventing substance misuse: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of the Strengthening Families Programme 10–14 UK (SFP 10–14 UK)

Domain/question topic Purpose Measure/source
Personal information
Gender, school year, age, DOB, place of birth, ethnicity and cohabitants DE Adapted from general household survey [61]
Family affluence DE Family affluence scale [62, 63]
Substance use
Ever smoked? CV One question from substance initiation index [29]
Smoking status CV ASSIST study version of NatCen/NFER question [64]
Ever drunk a drink? CV NatCen/NFER [65]
Age of first drink? CV NatCen/NFER [65]
Frequency of drinking CV NatCen/NFER [65]
Ever little drunk? CV Adapted from HBSC questionnaire
Little drunk in last 3 months? CV Adapted from HBSC questionnaire
Ever really drunk? CV Adapted from HBSC questionnaire
Really drunk in last 3 months? CV Adapted from HBSC questionnaire
Ever taken drugs CV Adapted from HBSC / NatCen/NFER
Strengths and difficulties CV SDQ [66]
Aggressive and destructive conduct CV From Spoth, et al. [28]
Life at home
Things in your bedroom CV Adapted from young people, new media survey [67, 68]
TV, computer games, computer use CV From HBSC questionnaire
Free time activities CV Modified questions from west of Scotland twenty-07 study
Family functioning CV Family relationship index [69, 70]
Parenting/child management CV General child management, project family [71, 72]
Parents and school CV Three questions, one of which is adapted from the child rearing practices measure
Family activities CV From HBSC questionnaire/PEACH study
General health
Sleep – difficulties CV From HBSC questionnaire
Getting up/bedtimes CV From PEACH study
Health state today CV, HE EQ-5D [73]
General health CV Kidscreen 27 [74]
  1. Key: CV = Covariate; HE = Health Economics; DE = Demographics; IO = Immediate outcome; ST = Short term outcome; PO = Primary outcome; SO = Secondary outcome; TO = Tertiary outcome.