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Table 1 Measures

From: Increasing the effectiveness of the Diabetes Prevention Program through if-then plans: study protocol for the randomized controlled trial of the McGill CHIP Healthy Weight Program

Outcomes Variable Measure/source
Primary outcome (Aim 1) Mean difference in % body weight loss - Weight In Kg (Digital Scale)
Secondary outcomes (Aim 1) (1) Goal achievement  
a. % reaching weight loss goal - Weight In Kg (Digital Scale)
b. % reaching exercise goal - Sum of min. over 7 days (tracking sheets)
  (2) Diabetes risk factors  
a. Waist circumference - Tape (cm)
b. Hemoglobin A1c - Immuno assay
c. Blood pressure - Mercury sphygmomanometer
d. Total cholesterol/HDL ratio - Enzymatic assay
  (3) Physical activity  
a. Total duration - Minutes (online tracking)
b. Steps taken - Pedometers (online tracking)
c. Metabolic equivalents - Ainsworth tables
d. Aerobic fitness - EST (test duration in minutes)
Aims 2 and 3 Habit formation indices:  
(1) Self-monitoring index
a. Weight - Days per week (0-7, online tracking)
b. Fat grams - Days per week (0-7, online tracking)
c. Calories - Days per week (0-7, online tracking)
d. Physical activity - Days per week (0-7, online tracking)
  (2) Behavior change index  
a. Fat grams intake - Daily average (online tracking)
b. Calorie intake - Daily average (online tracking)
  (3) Habit strength index - Self-report index of habit strength
a. Self-monitoring
b. Behaviors
Moderators Socio-demographic variables - Self-report questionnaire
Age, gender, ethnicity, education, socio-economic status, smoking status