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Table 4 Determination of the proportion of the population that would be affected by above-optimum level of fluoride in household water in the Bondo-Rarieda Area, Siaya County, Kenya

From: High fluoride water in Bondo-Rarieda area of Siaya County, Kenya: a hydro-geological implication on public health in the Lake Victoria Basin

Type of water source Percentage of the population that use each water source type, P (i) * Percentage number of water sources with excessive fluoride, P (iF) Percentage of population that is exposed to excess F in water, P (F) = P (i) P (iF)
Borehole & shallow wells 9.3 43.5 4.0
Dams, open pans and ponds 30.2 66.1 20.0
Lake 37.4 12.5 4.7
River Yala 0.0 20 0.0
Streams and Springs 8.7 74.6 6.5
Tap Water 8.6 9.2 0.8
Overall   27.3 ∑ P (i) P (iF) = 36.0
  1. *SOURCE: Kenya National Bureaou of Statistics: Population Distribution by Political Units (vol. 1B). Nairobi, Kenya: Ministry of Planning; 2010:139–140.