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Table 1 The five streams of Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives

From: A stakeholder analysis of the perceived outcomes of developing and implementing England’s obesity strategy 2008–2011

Stream Core actions and programmes implemented Main cross-sectoral stakeholder
Children: healthy growth and healthy weight Breastfeeding initiatives “Healthy Schools” programme* Education departments and/or children’s departments
Promoting healthier food choices Healthy Food Code Food Standards Agency
Building physical activity into our lives Active Travel “Healthy Towns” programme** Transport, planning and/or environment departments
Personalized advice and support Change4Life, NHS Choices website, Weight management services at the local level Private sector, Weight management professionals
Creating incentives for better health*** Reported not to be implemented to a significant degree  
  1. *A government programme designed to promote a “whole school approach” to health. Schools could receive accreditation for being a “Healthy School”. It was discontinued in 2012.
  2. **A pilot scheme to provide specific towns/boroughs with resources to take holistic, environmental approaches through infrastructure improvements to address obesity.
  3. ***Aimed to ensure there were stronger incentives in place for people, companies and the National Health Service to invest in health.