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Table 1 Descriptions of cut-points used for outcomes of interest

From: Correlates of objectively measured overweight/obesity and physical activity in Kenyan school children: results from ISCOLE-Kenya

Physical activity[26]
Sedentary < 100 CPM
Light 100 to 2999 CPM
Moderate 3000 to 5200 CPM
Vigorous > 5200 CPM
WHO BMI-for-age[25]
Underweight < −2 SD
Healthy/normal 0.99 SD to −1.99 SD
Overweight > +1 SD
Obese > +2 SD
  1. Acronyms: CPM (counts per minute); WHO (World Health Organization); SD (standard deviation); BMI (body mass index).
  2. Note: The z-score system expresses the anthropometric value as a number of standard deviations or z-scores below or above the reference mean or median value.