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Table 1 Major errors committed by 229 VCT clients during the saliva testing screening process in Shandong Province, China

From: Introducing rapid oral–fluid HIV testing among high risk populations in Shandong, China: feasibility and challenges

Steps Wrongly done Percent (%) Errors
Main problems Frequency
Preparation 94 41.4 No preparation 62
Opened the oral swab directly 16
Didn’t open the buffer tube 13
Damping fluid was not well shaken 10
Taking sample 23 10.1 Wiped sampling swab on the teeth back and forth 19
Put into the mouth directly to take sampling or spit saliva directly into the buffer tube 3
Sample dilution 36 15.9 Didn’t’t scratch and squeeze oral swab 34
Tilted buffer tube 1
Testing process 9 4 Couldn’t find or take out the test paper 4
Touched testing area of test paper 1
Reading results 8 3.5 Needed guidance of consultants 40
Didn’t’t read the introduction book 9
Too scared to see the results 8