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Table 3 Factor analysis after rotation (sorted by size) for the lunchtime sociocultural subscale, rotated component matrix (n = 189)

From: Development and psychometric properties of the Y-PASS questionnaire to assess correlates of lunchtime and after-school physical activity in children

Item Factor
  Peer influence Teacher influence Social barriers
I teach other children how to play active games at lunchtime. 0.82   
My friends teach me how to play active games at lunchtime. 0.78   
I have friends who I am active with at lunchtime. 0.61   
Teachers help us with the active games we play at lunchtime.   0.83  
Teachers play with us at lunchtime.   0.80  
There is always a teacher who is on yard duty during lunchtime.    0.70
My friends would rather sit and talk at lunchtime.    0.61
Bullying stops me from being active in the school yard at lunchtime.    0.58
Eigenvalue 1.85 1.68 1.46
% variance explained 20.5 18.7 16.2
Cronbach alpha a 0.64 0.64 0.32
Total % variance explained    55.4
Total subscale Cronbach alpha a    0.55
  1. Notes: Extraction method: Principal Component Analysis; Rotation Method: Varimax with Kaiser Normalisation; aAn acceptable Cronbach alpha is ≥0.6 [8, 57].