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Table 1 Social lessons based on YSR subscales with norm scores for gender

From: Online Pestkoppenstoppen: systematic and theory-based development of a web-based tailored intervention for adolescent cyberbully victims to combat and prevent cyberbullying

  YSR social problems YSR withdrawn/depressed YSR aggression
  Male > 7 Female > 7 Male > 6 Female > 7 Male > 12 Female > 13
Starting conversations X X X X   
Asking questions X X X X   
Express feelings and opinions X X X X   
Empathy/social cognition X X    X X
Non-verbal communication X X     
Planning to become more socially active    X X   
Emotional regulation      X X
  1. Lessons are offered when the participant scores above the 93% clinical range, as can be found in the YSR manual. Norm scores are different for males and females.