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Table 2 Topics of BSAC modules

From: Be smart against cancer! A school-based program covering cancer-related risk behavior

Module Topic Methods and content
What is cancer? Cancer development Class discussion about student’s knowledge of cancer; information about cancer development on cell level
Cancer treatment Information on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery
Risk factors Information about the ones capable of being influenced such as smoking and alcohol and the ones not capable of being influenced such as age
Sun protection Positive and negative effects of UV-radiation Information about Vitamin D production on one hand, elevated risk of skin damage and ultimately skin cancer on the other hand; discussion about these effects
Skin types Interactive animation: Students check their own skin type and their associated need for sun protection
ABCD-Check for Melanoma Information and training of ABCD-rules
Sun protection guidelines Short video and role-play: Information and trainings of sun protection; discussion about attitudes towards sun-protection
Non smoking Effects of smoking on one’s health and other important facts about smoking Information about effects of smoking; a class discussion about own/friend’s/families smoking experiences of each student and evaluation of its associated risks
Reasons for non-smoking Group work: Finding individual reasons for non-smoking, then adding further reasons out of a list together as a group
Physical activity, Healthy nutrition and Limited alcohol consumption Physical activity Short quiz: How long do we have to be physically active?
Pantomime (3 students show forms of physical activity for the other students to guess): This is physical activity already?
Handy exercises for in-classroom time: How can I be physically active in school?
  Healthy nutrition The food pyramid for kids: Students fill in the different steps of the pyramid
Classroom game: Right and wrong statements on nutrition
Group-work: Healthy eating for a week – not difficult at all
Short video on healthy nutrition: Summing it up
Limited alcohol consumption Information and discussion: Alcohol as risk factor for cancer