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Table 1 Examples for BSAC questionnaire items

From: Be smart against cancer! A school-based program covering cancer-related risk behavior

Topic Item Response scale
Behavior Have you been smoking within the last three months? not at all/1-2x per week/3-4x per week/(almost) daily
Knowledge Second hand smoking means… smoking another person’s cigarette/only infrequently smoking/inhaling the smoke of another person’s cigarette
Intention I intend to smoke less/stop smoking. not right/unlikely/likely/right
Behavior Have you been drinking alcohol within the last three months? not at all/1-2x per month/1-2x per week/more than twice a week
Knowledge One should only drink alcohol… seldom and in small quantities/only late at night/best with solid food
Intention I intend to drink less/not at all. not right/unlikely/likely/right
Physical activity:   
Behavior How often are you physically active in your leisure time? not at all/1-2x per week/more than 2x per week
Knowledge How often should a person be physically active for at least 30 minutes? 3-4x per week/daily/2-3x per week
Intention I intend to be physically active each day for at least 30 minutes. not right/unlikely/likely/right
Sun protection:   
Behavior Do you use sun lotion during the summer? not at all/sometimes/always
Knowledge What is an important factor for the development of skin cancer? unclean skin/air pollution/UVA and UVB-radiation in the sunlight
Intention I intend to use sun screen more often during the summer not right/unlikely/likely/right