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Table 2 List of the thirteen alleged myths and proportion of residents that believed in each of them

From: Strengthening the perception-assessment tools for dengue prevention: a cross-sectional survey in a temperate region (Madeira, Portugal)

Essential topic Alleged myth n (%)
Medical importance Myth 1 “Mosquitoes only cause mild clinical consequences such as allergies, fever, etc”. 643 (54 · 4)
Myth 2 “Mosquitoes do not transmit diseases”. 162 (13 · 7)
Local risk Myth 3 and Myth 4 “Dengue is not a mosquito-borne disease” and/or “Dengue only occur in tropical/non-developed countries”. 222 (18 · 8)
Myth 5 and Myth 6 “Since I do not feel the byte, I am not at risk of being bitten/infected” and/or “Mosquitoes are allocated in a specific area and are not able to spread through the island”. 188 (15 · 9)
Myth 7 “Madeira’s residents are not at risk”. 590 (49 · 9)
Domestic attribute Myth 8 “Local health authorities are the key intervenient in the control of mosquitoes”. 76 (6 · 4)
Myth 9 “Insecticides or other protective measures can control mosquitoes”. 543 (45 · 9)
Myth 10 “I am (Community is) not an intervenient in the aegypti-control”. 590 (49 · 9)
Mosquito breeding Myth 11 and Myth 12 “Clean houses or houses without pets/animals do not have mosquitoes” and/or “Clean people have nothing to do concerning the control of mosquitoes”. 714 (60 · 4)
Control measures Myth 13 “By the usage of insecticides and/or flyswatter, I am already contributing to the aegypti-control”. 942 (79 · 7)
  1. Based on the analysis of the discrepant knowledge showed concerning topic-related concepts, false assumptions/myths were inferred to be present in the scored population (see Myths’ estimation and Myth’s appearance on Additional files).
  2. Average of believed myths per scored resident: four out of the thirteen myths.
  3. Proportion of scored residents that believed in at least one alleged myth: 99 · 5%.