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Table 1 Categorization of the data collected in household survey

From: Farmers' knowledge, practices and injuries associated with pesticide exposure in rural farming villages in Tanzania

Data variable Category
Storage area In house (defined as any of the following areas: bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, chicken-shed, above ceiling boards) or general store (store containing pesticides, fertilizers, food crops, farm implements and others)
Other locations (defined as storage in pesticide stores or elsewhere on the farm)
Education level High education (defined as ≥ form 4)
Low education (defined as < form 4)
Age Old (defined as >30 years)
Young (defined as ≤30 years)
Poisoning status Ever poisoned (defined as lifetime poisoning)
Never poisoned (defined as a never experienced lifetime APP)
Poisoning frequency Highly poisoned (defined as reporting poisoning frequency > 2)
Not highly poisoned (defined as reporting poisoning frequency of ≤ 2)
Product disposal Safe disposal (defined as safe burning, burying, dumping in a hole, re-spraying on field, donating to others or using up the pesticide)
Unsafe disposal (defined as dumping in public disposal sites, on the farm, in the toilet or in the bush/ground)
The use of PPE Users (defined as reporting current use of at least one form of PPE)
Non-users (defined as reporting no current use of PPE)
Pesticide container disposal Safe disposal (defined as safe burning or burying)
Unsafe disposal (defined as re-use for household activities or dumping on the farm, in the toilet or in public sites)
Gender Male (defined as male respondent)
Female (defined as female respondent)
Equipment calibration Yes (defined as respondents practicing calibration)
No (defined as respondents not practicing calibration)
Equipment washing area Close (defined as directly in the drinking water source or within 10 meters from the drinking water source)
Other (defined as more than 10 meters away from the drinking water source)
Knowledge on routes of exposure High knowledge (defined as reporting over 2 exposure routes)Low knowledge (defined as reporting ≤ 2 exposure routes)
Steps taken after poisoning Health facility (defined as respondents attending health facilityl after poisoning) Other (defined as respondents not attending health facility after poisoning)