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Table 1 Examples of components of the service delivery function in a range of HOs

From: Building on the EGIPPS performance assessment: the multipolar framework as a heuristic to tackle the complexity of performance of public service oriented health care organisations



First line system

Disease control programme

NGO supporting districts

NGO supporting other NGOs

Actual service provision

Provision of hospital-level diagnosis and care

Health promotion, prevention and curative care

Vector control

Training district management teams

Training NGO managers

Environmental control

Providing supplies and drugs

Providing material support

Information, Education and Communication

Provision of targeted services


Curative services


Operational management

Management of wards

Team management

Programme management

Coordination with general services

Coordination of own staff

Procurement Pharmacy Quality management Health information system


Financial management coordination with general services

Staff recruitment and training

Communication with the NGOs that are supported

Continued professional development


Procurement and supply Quality control

Monitoring & evaluation

Supervision of own staff


Health information system


Monitoring and evaluation

Quality management


Health information system