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Table 1 Stakeholder groups interviewed in the focus group discussions and in depth interviews

From: Adapting a community-based ART delivery model to the patients’ needs: a mixed methods research in Tete, Mozambique

Stakeholder groups Number of IDI Number of FGD Number of participants
1. Patients on ART 15 12 79
    In groups 4 12 68
    Returned to individual care 4   4
    Remained in individual care 7   7
2. MoH Nurses* 1 2 10
3. MSF Counsellors   2 7
4. Health Authorities (district, provincial and national) 5   6
5. MSF CAG implementer$ 3   3
TOTAL 24 16 105
  1. *MSF appointed counsellors in the main clinics. They have a major role in the daily management of the CAG activities. Whereas in smaller clinics, nurses are responsible for all the CAG-related activities. During the interviews nurses have been divided in two groups: [1] nurses working with counsellors and [2] nurses working without counsellors.
  2. $MSF implementers is a core team of MSF, involved in the initial design, implementation and roll-out of the CAG-model.