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Table 1 Study activities per timepoint

From: Longitudinal study of long-term smoking behaviour by biomarker-supported determination of exposure to smoke

  Day 1 Visit 1 Days 2 to 8 Day 9 Visit 2 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Visit 3 Call 1 Call 2 Call 3
Informed consenta X         
Demographic data (heightb and weight) X         
Medical history X         
ECGb X         
Spirometry (FEV1) X         
Blood pressure X         
Inclusion/exclusion criteria X         
Materials provided to Subject          
Urine collection bottles    X       
Aluminium containers for butt collection X   X       
Issue of cigarettes for 1 day    X       
Filter cutters with integrated tin    X       
Sensory questionnaire    X       
Subject activities          
Usual subject environment   X   X X   X X X
Smoke own supply of cigarettes X X X X   X X X X
Collection of cigarette butts   X X X      
Collection of part-filter tips      X     
Start 24 hour urine collection      X     
End 24 hour urine collection       X    
Smoke provided cigarettes      X     
Complete questionnaires X   X   X X    
Telephone interview     X    X X X
Provided by Subject          
Butts    X    X    
Urine       X    
Sensory questionnaire       X    
Filter tip       X    
Saliva       X    
  1. aInformed Consent will be taken at visit 1, first fieldwork period only or if updated.
  2. bHeight and ECG will be measured at visit 1, first fieldwork period only.