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Table 1 Summary of key issues in the 2006 cancer council environmental scan

From: Making progress: the role of cancer councils in Australia in indigenous cancer control

Theme Key issue
Collaboration > Difficulties in building and sustaining relationships with Indigenous organisations.
> No Indigenous members on Cancer Council Boards
> Lack of Indigenous input into policy and programs
Workforce > Lack of Indigenous staff working within the organisations
> Many demands placed on the few Indigenous staff members
> Some Indigenous staff were uncomfortable working in a mainstream organisation without Indigenous colleagues providing peer-support
Resources > Indigenous health agencies were under-resourced to respond and cancer was not prioritised among many competing social and health issues
> Lack of dedicated staff time for Indigenous issues
> Few Indigenous-specific resources
Commitment > Few planned, long-term commitments to improving Indigenous cancer control
> Lack of commitment of significant resources on a sustained basis
Cultural appropriateness > Lack of understanding of Indigenous culture and hence the “right” way to do things
  > Recognition that Western psychosocial and support models for cancer might not be appropriate for Indigenous clients