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Table 1 Key performance indicators

From: Population impact of a high cardiovascular risk management program delivered by village doctors in rural China: design and rationale of a large, cluster-randomized controlled trial

Key performance indicators Definition Duration of measurement
1. Total number of patients identified Cumulative number of patients correctly identified by the village doctor Whole duration of intervention
2. Proportion receiving regular management Proportion of high-risk patients being regularly managed (with ≥ 5 monthly follow-up records in the past 6 months) by the village doctor in the indicated period Every 6 months
3. Proportion of patients with blood pressure under control Proportion of patients with systolic blood pressure under control (with ≥ 5 monthly SBP <140 mm Hg) among those with hypertension Every 6 months
4. Proportion of patients on life style modification advices The proportion of patients with case management record indicating the prescription of ≥ 5 months both “salt reduction” and “no smoking” Every 6 months
5. Proportion of patients on diuretics Proportion of hypertensive patients with case management records indicating the prescriptions of diuretics ≥ 5 months Every 6 months
6. Proportion of patients on aspirin Proportion of high-risk patients with case management records indicating the prescriptions of aspirin ≥ 5 months Every 6 months
  1. All indicators are based on the case management records (one record per clinical visit) that the village doctors will fill out for all high-risk patients.