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Table 1 ATC codes for the prescription drugs that are used to treat diseases and conditions that afflict females to a greater extent than males

From: Can gender difference in prescription drug use be explained by gender-related morbidity?: a study on a Swedish population during 2006

Disease or condition ATC code Prescription drug(s)
Anti-conception G03A Anti-conception drugs
Climacteric complaints (HRT) G03C Estrogens
G03D Gestagens
Thyroid gland disorders H03AA01 Thyroid hormones
Cystitis J01CA08 Pivmecillinam
J01EA01 Trimethoprim
J01XE01 Nitrofurantoin
Osteoarthritis M01 Anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic drugs
N02BE01 Paracetamol
Migraine N02C Migraine drugs, including triptans
Depression and anxiety disorders N05BA Benzodiazepines
N05BB01 Hydroxyzine
N05BE Buspirone
N06A Antidepressant drugs, including SSRIs
Insomnia N05CD Derivatives of benzodiazepines (e.g. nitrazepam)
N05CF Benzodiazepine-related drugs (e.g. zolpidem)
N05CM06 Propiomazine
Asthma and COPD R03AC Selective beta-2 stimulants and inhalable corticosteroids