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Table 1 Participants perceptions of how international trade may benefit and pose risks for Samoa’s development

From: Trade and health in Samoa: views from the insiders

Perceived trade benefits Perceived trade related risks
Participation in global movement Loss of local decision-making/ overturning national health protection policies
WTO accession status – international member and benefits WTO accession status – top-down approach/lack of consultation
PACER Plus – increased alignment between Samoa and Australia/NZ PACER Plus - unequal trading platforms i.e. Australia/NZ gain more than Samoa
Increased wealth from business creation Loss of tariffs – loss of government revenue for essential services e.g. health and education
Improving gender equality – empowerment of women Increase in inequalities – greater divide between employed and unemployed; urban vs. rural
Increased access to wider range of goods e.g. foods; increase in consumer choice Nutrition transition – shift in diets resulting from increased availability of high density – nutrient poor foods
Increased trade in services – e.g. increased remittances Loss of workforce/skills abroad