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Table 4 Factors associated with decreased odds (p < 0.05) of having an HIV test within 12 months of the survey date among YMSM in New Zealand 2006, 2008, 2011

From: Factors associated with recent HIV testing among younger gay and bisexual men in New Zealand, 2006-2011

“HIV risk” factors that decreased odds of recent HIV testing (<12 months) “Health promotion” factors that decreased odds of recent HIV testing (<12 months)
• Report only one male sex partner in last 6 months • Younger age
• Report no current regular partner, or a regular partner of longer than 3 years • Recruited from Internet dating sites
• Having insertive-only anal intercourse with regular partner in last 6 months • Self-identify as bisexual
• Report low condom use (very rarely or never) during anal intercourse with casual partners in last 6 months • Self-identify with Pacific or Asian ethnicities
• Spend a little or no time with other gay men
• Not know or be unsure that “HIV cannot pass through an undamaged latex condom”
• Agree “HIV/AIDS is a less serious threat than it used to be because of new treatments”
• Agree “a man who knows he has HIV would tell me he was positive before we had sex”