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Table 2 Examples of intervention group SMS-text messages in English

From: Efficacy of a text messaging (SMS) based intervention for adults with hypertension: protocol for the StAR (SMS Text-message Adherence suppoRt trial) randomised controlled trial

Appointment reminder SMS-texts Hi [insert name]. Pls remember your next MEDICINE DATE is on [DAY][DD/MM/YY] at [TIME]. Thnx Dr [NAME] (DR@VAN)
In response to missing a scheduled appointment We missed you @ PHARMACY. We hope you’re OK. Pls be sure to come in to collect your MEDICINE. Thnx Dr [NAME] (DR@VAN)
Messages related to specific issues A pill box can help you to remember when to take your high blood pills. Ask at PHARMACY where you can buy one. Thnx Dr[NAME](PHARM@VAN)
  Pls be sure to take all your medicine as directed even if you feel well. Thnx Sr [NAME](SR@VAN)
  Pls tell us(DR&PHARMACY)if you think your high blood pills are making you feel unwell. Ask us about common side effects of your pills. Thnx Dr [NAME](DR&PHARM@VAN)