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Table 4 Thematic table indicating factors that could help in implementation of IMCI guidelines in the health facilities

From: Factors influencing the implementation of integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) by healthcare workers at public health centers & dispensaries in Mwanza, Tanzania

Theme Responses Frequency
Factors that help in implementation of IMCI guidelines. • IMCI guidelines available and booklets to be easily accessed in the offices/Clinical areas. 60 (30%)
• Increasing the number of healthcare workers therefore reducing the workload, this will make the healthcare workers to follow the IMCI guidelines as recommended. 19 (10%)
• On job Mentoring. 34 (17%)
• Refresher courses. 20 (10%)
• Supportive supervision 13 (6%)
• Include IMCI in the continuing medical education series. 7 (4%)
• IMCI training to be offered to all health care workers (staff workers and supervisors) and avail adequate working tools. 47 (23%)
TOTAL   200 (100%)
  1. NB: The frequency total is more than the sample because all respondents gave more than one suggestion on what could help in IMCI implementation in the health facilities.