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Table 1 HIV basic sciences (Epidemiology, Virology, Immunology)

From: Knowledge of HIV and factors associated with attitudes towards HIV among final-year medical students at Hanoi medical university in Vietnam

Variable N (%)
When does mother-to-child HIV transmission happen  
 All three stages 128 (64.0)
Groups where HIV is most prevalent  
 Persons who inject drugs 185 (92.5)
 Female sex workers 184 (92.0)
 Men who have sex with men 122 (61.0)
How long can HIV survive outside body  
 A few days 29 (14.5)
HIV can be destroyed by which sterilizing method  
 Regular disinfectants 100 (50.0)
 UV rays/gamma rays 134 (67.0)
The main target cells that HIV infects and depletes  
 TCD4 lymphocytes 82 (41.0)
How does HIV affect TCD4 lymphocytes  
 Changes in TCD4 lymphocytes count 146 (73.0)
Infection risk of HBV&HCV compared to HIV  
 Hepatitis B Higher 92 (46.0)
 Hepatitis C Higher 77 (38.5)
Which body fluids transmit HIV  
 Blood 200 (100.0)
 Semen 176 (88.0)
 Vaginal Fluid 175 (87.5)
 Breast milk 165 (82.5)