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Table 2 Impact of dementia and social support

From: Social representation and practices related to dementia in Hai District of Tanzania

PWD Caregivers
"I feel very bad but there is nothing I can do" (Male, 79 years) "I can’t be productive because I have to be around all the time to watch over him" (Female,44 years)
"I am not happy, I can’t do my work I as I used to do" (Female, 75 year) "They need close care otherwise they can go into a dangerous area" (Female aged 56)
"My family is treating me like a child, they don’t allow me to cook anymore" (Female, 71 years) "Sometimes he is troublesome, so I have to talk slowly with him when administering medication" (Female, 26 years)
  "We are used to it and we make sure someone is around" (Male, 35 years)
  "Sometimes we have to lock them inside if we have other activities outside home" (Female, 20 years)
  "This is a burden because both of us we can’t engage in productive activities" (Male, 39 years)