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Table 2 Items captured by the survey instrument for assessing restaurants

From: Development and evaluation of a food environment survey in three urban environments of Kunming, China

Restaurant survey variables Rationale/how measured
Date Essential food establishment data that allows for identification, geocoding, and time-stamping.
Survey start time, survey end time
Food establishment name
Street address
GPS reading
Hours of operation
Type of restaurant Categorization the restaurant. 14 possible types. Check all that applied. A distinction was made between establishments that sold prepared foods: if they had 5 or more seats, they were defined as restaurants, otherwise defined as a store.
Sit-down, take-out, western fast food, café, Chinese fast food, street stand/cart, food court, deli, bakery, bar, tea house, dessert, juice bar and other
Restaurant size Seating capacity in number of persons or number of tables.
Seating capacity
Type of food served Assess availability of certain types of foods that are common to this city. 11 types. Check all that applied.
Vegetarian, vegan, organic, dim-sum, seafood, noodles, regional cuisine, Muslim, buns/pancakes, deep-fried, and other
Drinks Assess availability of certain types of drinks that are common to this city. 10 types. Check all that applied.
None, soda, juice, alcohol, tea, coffee, bottled water, yogurt, flavored milk, and other
Was a take-out menu available? Yes/no
Was a flyer available? Yes/no
Advertisement Assesses whether the restaurant advertises their food. Check all that applied.
None, local TV station, phone directory, newspaper, and other
Display of business license Indication of potential food quality. Yes/no
Website Indication of new forms of advertising. Yes/no
Nutrition information available Yes/no
Signs encouraging overeating e.g., all-you-can-eat, super-size, jumbo, extra-large descriptors on menu or signage. Yes/no
Promotions e.g., low-carb, low-fat, low-cholesterol. Yes/no.
Portion size choices Check if small, medium and large portions sizes are sold. Check all that applied.
Price range Range of pricing for vegetable dishes, meat dishes, and other dishes.
Vegetable, meat, and others