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Figure 1

From: Actor-partner effects associated with experiencing intimate partner violence or coercion among male couples enrolled in an HIV prevention trial

Figure 1

Schematic of the actor-partner interdependence model (APIM) framework, adapted from Cook & Kenny, 2005 [32]. a, actor effects. p, partner effects. d, dyad-level effects. Within-dyad residual errors between outcomes and predictors are not shown. Individual-level predictors (actor and partner): Age, race/ethnicity, education, sexual orientation, serostatus, unprotected anal intercourse with a man other than main partner in past 3 months, and agreements about sex outside the relationship. Dyad-level predictors: Duration of relationship with main partner (average of partner responses); unprotected anal intercourse in last year with main partner (reported by either partner); dyadic differences in age, education, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and agreements about sex outside the relationship. Outcomes: 1) IPV experienced from the study partner in the past three months, 2) coercion experienced from the study partner to participate in the study.

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