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Table 2 Use of different Indigenous/Traditional/Alternative medicine in rural communities for healing different diseases and sickness

From: Use of traditional medicines to cope with climate-sensitive diseases in a resource poor setting in Bangladesh

Disease wise use of different Indigenous/Traditional/Alternative medicine
Diarrhea Yes (%) Dengue Yes (%)
Drink saline at home 96.3 Use mosquito net all the times 65.0
Drink the water used to wash puffed rice (chira) 90.1 Malaria  
Drink the water of boiled rice 59.2 Use mosquito net all the times 75.9
Stop eating spicy food 73.4 Skin Diseases  
Increase the frequency of drinking water 30.9 Drink the juice of Margo’s leaf 66.3
Drink green coconut water 72.7 Take shower with boiled water of Margo leaves 81.4
Take rice soup 31.8 Take selective food 89.2
Eat thankuni (Centella asiatica) leaf 15.0 Avoid goods and stuffs of the affected person 87.6
Eat telakucha (Coccinia grandis) leaf 8.0 Rub chirota essence on body 11.6
Eat shiuly (Jasmine) leaf 2.0 Rub turmeric on body 20.5
Eat helencha (Enhydra fluctuans, Asteraceae) leaf 4.6 Shower with Alum mixed water 29.8
Drink juice 22.6 Rub the essence of Marigold flower on body 4.6
Dysentery   Rub mulberry (toot) leaf on body 2.3
Eat smashed green banana 79.1 General clod/coughing/fever  
Eat ripe banana 71.3 Use massage oil on body and head 91.9
Take a mixture of mango, banana and sugar 57.6 Use salted hot water to gargle 86.4
Drink goat milk 11.2 Pour water on head 97.5
Drink the water used to wash puffed rice (chira) 87.0 Take water vapour 59.0
Drink juice of thankuni leaf/Centella asiatica (L.) 24.9 Take honey 63.5
Drink juice of telakucha leaf/Coccinia grandis (L.) J. 11.6 Take sour fruits 64.0
Drink juice of pathorkuchi (Bryophyllums)leaf 1.5 Drink warm water 64.9
Drink juice of tulshi (Basil, Ocimum Sanctum) leaf 8.3 Drink juice of tulshi (basil) leaf 22.7
Drink juice of helencha leaf/(Enhydra flactuans) 6.5 Drink juice of basok (Adhatoda vasica)leaf 4.2
Drink juice of amboli leaf 8.3 Drink juice of sheuly (Jasmine) leaf 3.7
Drink juice of margo leaf 8.6 Take ginger/garlic with mustered oil 12.4
Drink juice of promigant leaf 6.5 Eat papaya 19.4
Drink juice of adaboron leaf 1.2 Eat pineapple 19.9
Eat hot jilapi (a fried of mixed wheat flower and sugar) 1.5 Eat pomegranate leaf 4.6
Eat curd 14.9 Typhoid  
Eat papaya 19.4 Drink much water 90.5
Eat custard apple 19.5 Pour water on head 93.2
   Eat mixture of rice, burley, sugar and lemon 14.3
Asthma Yes (%) Headache Yes (%)
Try to keep neat and clean 95.2 Use local made balm 77.8
Try not to catch cold 96.2 Take head massage 91.3
Eat tulshi (Basil) leaf 13.8 Avoid sun heat/Stop going out in the sun 90.5
Jaundice Hepatitis B   Take much rest/sleep more 97.0
Take the stew of cat fish 39.4 Take ginger mixed tea 18.8
Take shaddock 48.2 Prickles Blistering/Ghamachi  
Drink sugarcane juice 95.7 Take shower in rain water 85.1
Drink green coconut water 89.2 Rub ice on the body 21.2
Avoid spicy food items 90.0 Take shower with Margo leaves mixed water 44.2
Take enough rest 91.5 Take shower with antiseptic mixed water 55.6
Drink orohor juice (Cajanus Cajan (L.) Millsp.) leaf 67.7 Use prickly-heat powder 96.5
Eat Papaya 29.4 Prick and take out the pus from it 89.6
Drink molasses/condensed sugar juice 26.2 Rub fitkiri (Alum) all over the body 18.0
Take green banana 20.6   
Drink raw milk 10.4   
Eat rice soup 16.0   
Eat helencha leaf/(Enhydra flactuans) 5.7   
Eat custard apple juice 10.3   
Take barley 4.7   
  1. (n = 450).